‘Buried’ EP artwork

by admin

My brand new EP, ‘Buried’, will be officially out on June 1 and I’m really excited to share the artwork with you:

'Buried', out June 1, 2012

The layout was designed by Brittain Ashford, and the photo was taken by my mother Brenda Monroe when she worked for the forest service in the 70s.  The view is from her lookout tower on Prairie Mountain, where she kept an eye out for forest fires, often not seeing another person for days at a time.  In this photo, she’s looking out towards Oregon’s wondrous Three Sisters Mountains — on a clear day she could see all the way to the ocean in the other direction.

Something about the photo spoke to me - the solitude, the contemplation.  It fits the EP beautifully, and once you hear it, I hope you’ll agree.