New song & album review in Maverick Magazine

by admin

Time goes too quickly these days!  London’s been treating me quite well (and I say things like “quite” now), and I am definitely enjoying my time here.  It has so much to offer!

If you haven’t made it out to any of my gigs yet, there are more coming up, you can always check my Songkick or MySpace pages to see what’s coming up.  For those that are not in London, you can watch a live stream of my recent gig at the lovely Regal Room at .  Just click the clock and enter Feb 5, 2010 around 9:25pm, and watch from there.  I play 2 different sets, so it’s worth checking out the other acts that played in between - they were great!

I just finished a new song called “Can’t Because I Won’t”, which you can check out on my Facebook page here.  It’s just a rough demo, but I figured you guys needed a treat after waiting so long for new material to get posted!  Speaking of that, I have been writing pretty much constantly these days, and I feel like I’m starting to fall back into old (good) habits.  You should be seeing lots more stuff getting posted soon.

Thanks for your support!  I’ll leave you with a review from Maverick’s March issue: