Brooke Parrott

Writer and musician

Brooke Parrott landed back in her home state of Oregon through a circuitous route, but now, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Growing up, she played music and wrote stories incessantly, eventually pursuing a degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. The years after found Brooke in London, living in a disused pub rumored to be an old haunt of Charles Dickens and Karl Marx, where she wrote songs on a disintegrating grand piano in the parlor. She began working for a small live music startup company that grew up to be a big one, and learned a lot in the process.

When the siren call of the Pacific Northwest became too loud to ignore, Brooke returned and found her place touring and recording music with Portland darlings Loch Lomond. She released a second studio effort, an EP called ‘Buried’, that was written between contrasting worlds—part hectic city and suffocating winter in London, part hinterland yurt in the Oregon woods.

Now living in Portland, Brooke spends her time reading and writing Young Adult novels, playing music, and freelancing. You’ll usually find her parked at a coffee shop, working on the third re-write of a YA sci-fi draft.